Climbing is both a sport as well as an activity. It is usually known as an activity which includes the climbing of high mountain peaks and also cliffs. The height of the cliff or the mountain is seriously taken into consideration as really heightened mountains might be dangerous and hard to climb. The word ‘’climb’’ literally means going up or ascending. So in climbing, one goes up the heightened peaks.
But climbing is not only limited to mountain peaks, there are many varieties when it comes to climbing.

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Equipment required:

Now, when climbing, equipment must be chosen with special care. Your equipment might be the reason you are safe and vice versa too. So, choose the equipment with special care.
You must carry with you a first aid package box. The first aid package box is a must no matter which type of climbing you opt for. The first aid box must include, some different types of bandages, ointments, tweezers and scissors, a first aid book etc.
Apart from the first aid box, sufficient food and water supplies should also be present. You must also wear strong shoes with good soles in order to avoid accidents from happening. Shoes with good grip and more friction are usually preferred, so chances of slipping can be reduced.


Outdoor activities hold great importances. They provide  interactions to the environment which our now a day generation usually lacks because of the advanced technology and the growing use of mobile phones etc. Climbing makes one physically strong and to be ready for any challenges and going through different conditions.