Kenny and I left early Sunday morning and drove over to Fentress County to spend the day exploring and riding the four-wheeler. You won’t be able to identifiy a logical central FROM point for any Peninsula bus system to bring HSR riders in. Mountain View just better be saddling up for one big ass high rise long term parking structure. This form of landscape can be seen in East Africa , the Vosges , the Basin and Range Province of Western North America and the Rhine valley. Finale de Ligure has since become a popular destination for British and European mountain bikers looking for easily accessed trails and reliable, sunny weather. At any given moment in your climb, you may look up at the rest of the mountain and tell yourself that it’s too much, that you can’t do it. Maybe you think it is simply too difficult to lose weight, or to quit smoking. The soft light of morning greets me as I emerge from Fir Lodge, a perfect match for the brisk mountain air. This is local mountain bike advocate ‘Moose’ leading the charge on a killer evening ride.mountain

Mountain School students come to the North Cascades with their school class, teacher and chaperones to learn about the ecosystems, geology and natural and cultural history of the mountains. We found a second place to look off the mountain back in the direction we’d come. Last people capable of climbing three times the peak of this mountain is Thomas Huber of Huberbuam, overcoming all three pieces on the wall, and he dares to jump from one peak to other peaks. Well for me it can be summed up in a single phrase that I heard some years ago: We are allowed to experience the valleys in life so we can better appreciate the mountain tops.

There was no view; the mountain was, however, very prettily wooded, with a line of small greenstone outcrops sticking out in the woods. The Robertson Mountain Trail started by entering and following a stream valley, but a sharp turn threw the trail towards the ridge. I had heard of and seen photos of petroglyphs found in one of the caves on Skinner Mountain. Once you are over with that, decide the seasons you wish to cover such as snow-capped mountains, barren desert mountain, or a lush green rain-forest mountain.

We knew we would never again have a block of time like that to spend traveling, and our family would be growing, curtailing the opportunity to take this kind of vacation. So the next time an Indian whines about whites stealing his land, well, everyone has stolen everyone else’s land from the beginning of time, including Native Americans. The biggest thing on Castro is the Mt. View Center Performing Arts (so I assume around there) – but that’s usually empty as far as I can tell. One day we are standing on top of the mountain looking down at all we have conquered. I lunched by the cairn as the lake came in and out of view with the drifting cloud.mountainmountain

Please don’t read into any of this any personal endorsement of running four tracks through Mountain View (or anywhere between Santa Clara and Redwood City – that’s batshit insane!), or any endorsement of horrific VTA bus service, here or at the Great Mall.