For some time the Italian hospitality system is undergoing major changes and the traditional structures of hotels, villages and campsites have added new forms of tourism and other hospitality formulas, more attentive to local products, the environment and the culture of the places.

And the birth and diffusion of diffused Hotel, that is a hotel that is not built but which is born by placing pre-existing homes on the net, is part of this general tendency of evolution of the tourist offer of Italy which has practically created a new trend , Ideal for those who love to know the land of their choice.

In the vast and accurate selection of Charminly, the popular hotels occupy an important place thanks to their growing success. Charminlychooses in fact the most attractive accommodation structures in Italy to provide guests with a warm and familiar welcome in which every small need is taken into consideration.

Italy is a very special area in which mountains, hills, lagoon areas and coasts blend harmoniously. In this wide range of territories, the popular hotels represent a way to know the beauty of the traditions of a small village, even though it is temporarily part of it.

One of the strong points of tourism in this country is in fact the lifestyle of places, villages and historical centers in particular. Diffused hotel is a proposal that is born in order to offer this kind of life-like atmosphere both in Italy and abroad.

A Diffused Hotel doesn’t sell rooms in the strict sense, but places to live as residents, even temporary. The rooms of a widespread hotel are in fact real rooms, they are not built specifically for tourists, and this speech is also valid for other services that are the same services that are in a hotel, with the same professionalism, seasoned perhaps with a Little more than local flavor.