For those that love clubbing and would love to go on a clubbing holiday, you should check out Ibiza. This club capital is not only popular in Europe or the Mediterranean Sea, but it is famous round the globe. It is a destination that is always alive. It is a destination that never sleeps and will keep you coming back for more.

Head to San Antonio

When you are already in Ibiza, you should make your way to San Antonio Bay that stretches for about 500 meters. Some of the hottest clubs can be found in this beautiful area that seems to be covered with crystal clear waters. It offers one of the most spectacular views especially at night giving you the best atmosphere for clubbing. If you love the nightlife, this is a must visit.

Great Music

Whether you love house music, techno, trance or electronic dance, you will have the best experience. There is music for everyone thus you can never get bored. International DJs, especially from the United Kingdom, always keeps San Antonio Bay alive.

Have Plenty of Cash

It’s good to have plenty of cash when you head to San Antonio Bay since the fun is too much to be comfortable leaving. Despite this, it’s worth spending your money here. To save on cash, it is advisable that before going to a club, you buy ticket in advance for the main clubs. Prices at the entrance are normally high.

Get Affordable Drinks at the Sunset Cafe

Just because you have enough cash to go clubbing, does not mean that you should not save on your drinks and food. One way you can do this is by heading to the Sunset Cafe before going out at night. You will have your drinks at an affordable price as you watch the sun set over San Antonio. It’s a great time to relax as you sip your favourite spirits and cocktails. This will also prepare you for a night full of fun.

Party at Cafe del Mar

One of the most popular clubs in Ibiza and one that is a must party in is the Cafe del Mar that is also known as Cafe by the sea. Located in SantAntoni de Portmany, this club dates back to the year 1980. With flight deals to Ibiza, you can enjoy spectacular views of the sunset and the Mediterranean Sea as well as drinks in a serene environment by visiting this café.

Known to be the birth place of Christopher Columbus, Ibiza is home to world-renowned clubs. They include; Space, Pacha and Cafe del Mar among many others. During summer, most of those that look for to travel to Ibiza by finding on of the many Ibiza flights deals available, are clubbers, and there is nothing that is more rewarding for them than being in the island. Each club has something unique to offer.