The Green Mountain Club is the founder and maintainer of the Long Trail – the oldest long distance hiking trail in America. All proceeds from the 21k and 42k race entry fees will go to Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve to help them continue the great work they do. All proceeds from the 5k race entry fees will go to the Exceptional Foundation as a thank you for making the race medals for the last 2 years.mountain

BTW there really isn’t any meaningful amount of connecting VTA bus traffic at Mountain VIew today, and there will be less in the future as VTA’s service continues to implode as the agency squanders hundreds of millions of public tax dollars on BART to Berryessa, to the exclusion of every other thing.mountainmountain

And, by the way, we’ve had people screaming about reducing growth here the whole time too, so that’s not a solution either. For those of you asking about the Quilt of Valor Silent Auction going on, you can view ALL of the quilts in the auction HERE There are beautiul quilts that have been made specifically for this cause by many well known quilters. One of the unique aspects of a mountain is that it might have many different types of terrain and different climates.

At one point on the fire road, about a half mile past the junction, we were able to look up and see the rocks that we had been standing at on Robertson Mountain just half an hour before. This photo shows the modest view from their digs in Zermatt and JJ Desormeaux heading out for a day of big mountain riding on his Chromag on singletrack that could not have been closer to the front door. Instead of seeing a problem and giving up, set for yourself an intermediate goal, a midway point on your journey up the mountain. At the end of their time here—we offer both three- and five-day programs—each research group presents their findings at a symposium. The chicken and vegetable soup was completely tasteless, which was surprising as it seemed to infuse the cup and every drink thereafter tasted of chicken soup.

This school recognizes that time spent outside the classroom walls is just as valuable as time spent learning in the classroom. It’s a good mystery, but I did get tired of being reminded that Wallender was tired and thirsty and had to pee ALL THE TIME (symptoms of diabetes).