Kenny and I left early Sunday morning and drove over to Fentress County to spend the day exploring and riding the four-wheeler. All proceeds from the 21k and 42k race entry fees will go to Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve to help them continue the great work they do. All proceeds from the 5k race entry fees will go to the Exceptional Foundation as a thank you for making the race medals for the last 2 years.

View some of the mining relics, iron-ore crushers— learn their purpose, and view mine openings that visitors rarely get to see. Finale is the first stop on Big Mountain Bike Adventures ‘ Bella Rivera DH, a week-long downhill mountain bike tour of the Ligurian coast shuttling some of the country’s finest trails, and gorging on arguably the best home cooking in the world. Saturday, October 29 at 10:00am join Gary Bostany on a hike at Ruffner Mountain while learning the history and its early beginnings.

The carnivore variation of our long-standing Mountain School program is an inquiry-based curriculum that allows students to come up with their own research question, hypothesis, and study methods. Alpamayo is safe to ride and not harmful to the mountain earlier in comparison need ice and you can climb safely but for those who already had an opportunity to see or climb this mountain he will never forget his experience so memorable. A short pull up to the head of this minor valley led me to flatter ground dotted with pools and more bog and with open view across to the Arans ridge and the shapely peaks of Rhobell Farr and Duallit to the south. For the full-time staff it’s time to hunker down and start planning for next year, for the seasonal staff it’s time to head off on new adventures, and for the graduate students it’s time to put the student” hat back on.mountainmountain

There are no views directly from the trail, but there is one unsigned but still blue-blazed spur trail that breaks off to the left near the high point of Robertson Mountain. I spent a year traveling between SF & LA at least once month and not a single time was I able to drive the speed limit the whole way, and several times I had to come to a complete stop for about 30 minutes. Some fabulous ways for Mt. View famlies to get around convieniently – because how often to Mt View families spend hundreds on round trip tickets to LA. Not often. Adirondacker, it’s useful to time transfers even in high-frequency situations; Vienna does so at the U4/U6 transfer, even though the lines run every 5 minutes.mountain

Ensuring that the intermodal connections at Mountain View can live up to their potential will largely be up to the city and its citizens, who ought to take strong initiative to ensure it’s done right-without letting their judgment be unduly clouded by the $20 million they spent this past decade.