Hingga hari ini saya masih heran kenapa minuman bernama Mountain Dew produksi Pepsi Co. tidak pernah diedarkan di Indonesia. When it came time for oral reports or other such elementary school agonies, teachers always called on the top of the alphabet first, and my last name beginning with B meant that painfully shy and deeply introvert me was often the first person to present.

I had just found out I was pregnant with our first baby yet we threw caution to the wind and signed on. We took advantage of the upcoming summer off from college and, interested in getting our (June’s) money’s worth, made plane reservations to cover a 2-month time period, rather than the 3-week trip June and the others were planning.

The best part about the charming Mountain Home Inn—besides the views, the spacious, comfortable rooms with fireplaces or private decks, and the gourmet food—is its location.Trails heading out in various directions are literally right out the door: to the top of Mt. Tamalpais, down to Muir Woods, across the mountain to Stinson Beach, down through a pine forest to Mill Valley.mountainmountain

Ensuring that the intermodal connections at Mountain View can live up to their potential will largely be up to the city and its citizens, who ought to take strong initiative to ensure it’s done right-without letting their judgment be unduly clouded by the $20 million they spent this past decade.

By way of offering a parting perspective and ode to this spring’s Mountain School experience, Kristin Smith, a two-time Mountain School student and passionate participant in the 2011 Youth Leadership Conference, recounts her most recent learning adventure in the shadow of the Cascade mountains.mountain