It was not too many years ago that a large number of people in America were experiencing a good life. I tug my navy beanie more securely about my ears and turn my eyes upward – an instinctive urge well known to any mountain dweller and sprung from years of gazing at high peaks. Before leaving the summit area, we checked out a boulder behind the south-facing viewpoint that gave a somewhat limited view to the north. The one through route that passes by the transit center uses a stop on Castro by the faux depot, so time isn’t wasted driving in circles.

Learn about the extended railroad system the old mineral railroad” that serviced Ruffner and the rest of Red Mountain. While Mountain View’s transit center is billed as an intermodal, accessible facility, there is vast room for improvement in passenger circulation. Other criteria used in the definition of a mountain include the elevation, the volume, the relief, spacing and continuity. Soon enough comes our hour of free time; then dinner, our last among the peaks. It has all the features of a world-class adventure mountain bike destination but its unique geography makes logistics difficult and expensive. Ten minutes of uphill later, I was back at the trail junction and this time took the AT south.

Once on the other side of Dege Peak, the trail contoured mostly grassy slopes with a grand view of the Sunrise complex and the surrounding grassy meadows of Yakima Park. Your best bet would be a sleek ski jacket that would take you beyond the mountain tops.mountain

The challenge of designing a rail alignment that overcomes the twin obstacles of Castro Street and the light rail tracks presents an opportunity to improve Mountain View’s transit center by creating a modern, functioning gateway into downtown. We rose early for the three and a half hour drive from Kittilä to Kilpisjärvi during which I filled in my knowledge of Finland, its mountains and history, between bouts of slumber.mountain

Please don’t read into any of this any personal endorsement of running four tracks through Mountain View (or anywhere between Santa Clara and Redwood City – that’s batshit insane!), or any endorsement of horrific VTA bus service, here or at the Great Mall.mountain