1. Three Gili Island

Three Gili is the name of the island is located west of the island of Lombok. These islands include Gili Trawangan Island which is famous for sea water is very clear and the underwater nature is like a paradise. Gili Meno which was recently declared as the Best Beach In Indonesia and gili islands diving  is famous as a place to learn to dive because there are many places of exercise as well as a complete equipment rental.


Three Gili Lombok Island is one of the Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia which has a Heavenly-like white sand is clean and smooth with clear sea water and the glass-clear underwater beauty of the amazing heavenly third makes this island as the island is a dream of every traveler.

  1. Kanawa Island

Vacation to Kanawa Island, East Nusa Tenggara will make you not want to go home. Berkostur sloping coastline and white sand and the sea are very clear, like a jewel. On this island, you can swim and snorkel as much because the island was privately owned.

  1. Padar Island 

Flores talked about is endless. Padar which is the third largest in the Komodo National Park could be your travel choice. Location of Padar is between Rinca and Komodo Island. So you can see the whole KNP. And the island is closer to the island of Rinca compared to Komodo Island, separated by the Strait of Leech.

Perhaps the name of Padar less familiar in the ears of tourists because less famous name to Komodo and Rinca. But the beauty of Padar no less beautiful with the two islands. Padar or popularly called the Gili Padar, Flores was no different than with a photo studio set in a beautiful natural scenery. How not, the beauty Padar who entered in the Park is an amazingly beautiful.

Padar also accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because it is in the Komodo National Park. Despite being in the Komodo National Park, Padar but not inhabited by dragons because the food chain is interrupted. Around the island there are also three or four small island has a unique panoramic view of each. And in Padar also include overlay pink beach that is suitable for a swim, play water or snorkel.

  1. Morotai Island

On this island you will be presented with a very stunning natural scenery with white sand is clean and very soft, clear sea water clear as glass and natural coral reefs will be ready to pamper your eyes.

Also on this island you will find remnants of World War II that many betebaran around the island this beautiful and there are at least 25 point dive spot that presents the beauty of the Matchless like in Tanjung Wayabula, Dodola Point, Layar Point Stone, Cape Sabatai Point until Saminyamu the quasi amazingly beautiful with jenih dark blue waters, marine life and beautiful and diverse coral reefs from the rubble of warships very well maintained.

  1. Arborek Island, Raja Ampat Islands

Arborek Island is one of a group of islands in Raja Ampat is very beautiful. Arborek Island is Beautiful island in Indonesia which has a Heavenly-like sloping beach with white sand nan clean, unspoiled nature, let alone underwater nature, everything is integrated perfectly in the island Arborek.