Visiting Singapore from Kuala Lumpur is one of the favorite routes that are taken by millions of people around the year.  A person is actually crossing the border from one country to another. It is not always easy for the first timers to get across the borders. But with simple tips to follow anyone can pass the borders. There are different means to pass the border but the most effective way is to travel by bus from KL to Singapore. There is much to be done as a person is going to pass through the borders.

Book a bus ticket: It is more convenient to travel by bus from KL to Singapore. Just book the tickets online and hop on a bus. With online booking, it gives the advantage to set the time of traveling. The locals who travel they use the buses as it helps to move through immigration sectors with easy. The bus stops for refreshments and it gives more time to ask others and gain knowledge. Traveling through buses does not make a person become suspicious. There are many buses which travel across the borders every day.


Ready all the papers: Before even booking all the tickets make sure that the paperwork is ready. Without the papers, no one is allowed to cross the borders. Working out with papers is very easy and does not take much time. After hopping on a bus check the paper and keep it close. While crossing the borders when the officers ask for papers just pull it out quickly. They will only be checking for initials and letters to cross the borders. As many people are traveling there is no need to panic and act normally. Whatever the questions are being asked just answer them nicely and calmly.

No gum chewing: If having a habit of chewing a gum then stop doing it as soon as the border of Singapore approaches. The bus driver or the person within the bus will inform that the border is coming. Throw away any gum that is within. Actually Chewing gum is prohibitive on the lands off Singapore. Even while chewing gums when standing on immigration is undeniable. Some of the officers charge some fine if found or they will strictly send the person back. As for habit goes it might be a possibility that there will be some shops around which will be providing gums to chew on.

Avoid bringing Alcohol and Tobacco:  This is one rule that is applied in most of the country borders. The bags will be checked thoroughly to find any pack of cigarettes and bottles of alcohol. If the pack of cigarettes is founded then there is a fine and it same goes with alcohol bottles.  However, some of the agents might allow for the packs that are opened. Still, within the borders, there are stores where cigarettes and alcohol are easily available. Just for the immigration time it is not difficult to lose the packs.