Mountain lion or cougar belong to the big-cat family and is mostly found in America and the western hemisphere. Here, there were two choices: head north, down the side of the mountain, or south, alongside the mountain. I can’t really tell from the satellite or street views but it looks like the Mountain View Performing Arts Center has a garage, entrance on Mercy north of Castro.mountain

Who knows – maybe if Newark had bothered to time its buses and run them on a schedule, its downtown would have a transit modal share higher than 26% ( see page 13 of this link ). Even people who live in Newark are more likely than not to drive to downtown Newark, or to any other place where they hold jobs.

Of course, there was the obligatory glacier-clad Mount Rainier view as we neared the mountain. American planners seem to not understand that it is the total door-door travel time that matters. Once you are done with shapes and textures, shadows & highlights are added to the elements of your mountain landscape drawing. It was the first time I’d used my new Kovea Spider stove and whether it was the temperature or me being used to my Jetboil I was surprised how long it took to boil. Mountain View is the same as the suburbs I’ve lived in give or take a hundred or so per square mile. If buses have to do additional turns to get in and out of the loop, you’ve just added precious seconds to the bus-train transfer time.mountain

The hotel is run by the skiing and mountain biking Pellissier family who are the warmest mountain hosts after a big day of riding. AND the icing on the cake for Mountain View is the BUSINESS PLAN that says CHSRA plans to take their parking revenues, and their private business generation from the HSR station and promise it to the HSR investors. I drew the short-straw and inflated my raft as we took turns to shuttle ourselves across, with Jaakko pulling the raft back each time using a throw-line. There might even be field offices of other companies who have corporate headquarter in places other than Mountain View, it does happen, who want to send people to and from the field office. NOTE: This post will be updated continuously, as warranted by additional information or new events relating to Mountain View.

Mix a blend of macro lines & curves to acquire a real picture of your mountain landscape drawing. Waiters threw white tablecloths over the weathered wooden tables, where we sat sipping freshly squeezed orange juice, eating buttermilk pancakes and grits, and looking out over a view so beautiful it made you ache.mountain